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24 April 2016

Best SEO Company in Burnley

SEO Company Burnley


Seo company Burnley

Since the start of this decade and the introduction of high speed mobile browsing  you may be wondering if you need SEO for your business. If its a question in your mind at this moment you should then be asking who is the best SEO company in Burnley?

One of the key reason people choose SEO companies is usually Price.  This shouldn’t be the main reason but is the biggest influence as to why a business chooses certain companies. However you may find that using a cheap company can lead to a false economy.

You will find that a number of firms charging low monthly payments take much longer to deliver the results you want and subsequently cost more in the long run. Our Internet Marketing Company offers a simple solution for your SEO requirement. First we look at how achievable your request is. Some Keywords or phrases are more popular then others and cost for achieving the results you want can outweigh the profit you can earn.

Being the best SEO company in Burnley isnt about cost its about return on investment.

18 February 2015

North West Autos Blackburn Reviews

North west autos Blackburn Reviews

North West Autos Blackburn Reviews have come flooding in since Empire New Media have been working with them. Focusing on gaining the ample social media coverage specifically via Facebook Marketing and posting articles. Working alongside the owner we have increase their exposure and shown a steady growth of followers and increased online activity.

north west autos Ltd Blackburn Reviews

Founded in 2005, North West Autos Blackburn has helped many consumers with quality car sales. Every car is checked to make sure it fits their high standards before being put on sale, and being a RAC Repairer you can be assured their Second Hand Cars drive like you were the first hand user.

One of their recent customers shared the wonderful experience they had doing business with North West Autos Blackburn. “This is the friendliest garage I’ve ever bought a car from. They bend over backwards to make sure you are happy and always stay in touch with updates. I recommend them to everyone and I’ll definitely buy my next car from them,” said Lindsey Lawson.

20 July 2013

Web Design Burnley – Cheap, Affordable and Effective

Web Design Burnley

As a leading Burnley SEO company we are always pushing the need for good web design in Burnley businesses. Unfortunately most Web Design Companies in Burnley, Padiham, Nelson, Colne and Blackburn all seem to believe that great website design and cheap web design are two very separate things.

For us, Web Design is about creating solutions. We are directed by the aesthetics of our client’s existing brand and the objectives of the project. We’d like to say great design just happens alongside, and whilst this is partly true, we also care about making our products attractive.

We know beautiful websites are a pleasure to use, making your clients  more likely to talk about them and use them again. Through constant revision and improvement, our products continue to evolve, improve, and thrive. We actively anticipate how people will interact with our designs, applying responsive and adaptive design where necessary, but not for the sake of it. From its inception, we are conscious of how a design will be built. All our designers have a technical knowledge, which means we sustain a fantastic balance between the two disciplines; a mutual understanding between designers and developers; a harmony between the ‘why’ and ‘how’ people use the internet.

Website design will always be at the heart of what we do. However, with people accessing websites through an ever growing array of digital devices, we embrace developments within the field and the chance to re-evaluate and improve our services. After all, we want your customers, and potential customers, to stick by your brand as long as we do.

Although we have been labelled as one of the cheapest Web Design companies in Burnley and the best SEO company Burnley has to offer we would like to point out that our resulting work is never low quality or gives that impression. When compared to other companies found on Google under “Web design Burnley” “Graphic design Burnley“, “Web design Blackburn”, “Web design Nelson”  or “SEO Company Burnley” Empire New Media Ltd always comes out cheaper like for like and in some cases our websites offer more features.


18 July 2013

Why choose Empire New Media Ltd to do your SEO?

SEO Company Burnley

What does a good SEO Company do for you?

The reason most of our clients come to us is our success in ranking their websites. Getting to page one of Google is one of our goals making us one of the best Burnley Web Design company. We have successfully followed the same formula for every website designed by Empire New Media Ltd  and our results speak for themselves.


We’ll help you find out which words and phrases customers use to search for your website and explain how to incorporate them seamlessly within your web design. We’ll help you increase page relevance and, over time, rise up the search engine rankings.


Optimisation doesn’t mean just one tactic, seo requires a planned approach across your entire business website. Our on site promotion consists of at least twenty different tried and tested seo techniques, all designed to improve your website performance.


Search Engine optimisation doesn’t mean just one tactic, seo requires a natural  holistic approach across your entire business website. Our on site promotion consists different tried and tested seo techniques, all designed to improve your website performance.


Each month, we’ll view the results and track your success. From traffic volume to keyword rankings, it will all be there to see, helping us identify the next steps to take your business on to bigger and better results.


Getting seen is good, but getting seen by the right people in the right place is even better. We’ll help your website design get viewed by the right audience, generating traffic that’s more likely to buy your products and services.


Our SEO services won’t just be limited to your website. We can help with off-site promotion like article writing and distribution, link building and exchange or CPC campaigns too. We look at the whole of your business and don’t rest until we’ve got things right.


Search engine optimisation is a complex field with many so called ‘experts’ claiming they can deliver the world. How do you know which seo company to trust? Well, take a look through our portfolio then give us a call and we’ll talk you through our successes to date. The proof is there in our satisfied clients. It’s as simple as that. With Empire New Media Ltd you can see our clients results and testimonials.

12 July 2013

New Facebook search and the effects on Burnley Business Marketing

Facebook Marketing

Not long ago everyone assumed that Bing would play a massive role in marketing on Facebook. Now you can how Facebook has tied itself more and more with Microsoft with its new search bar. You can say its subtle but the colour coordination of the tabs can and will remind you of windows 8.

Bings relationship with Facebook first came to light when you made a search for a friend.  Below the result there was a feed from Bings search engine results. Later Facebook dedicated a tab for “web results”.

This now has shown Google that Facebook intend to go head to head with the search giants. As a Burnley SEO Company we have been monitoring the progress of this and working on ways to improve our positions on Facebook results and that of the clients. If you want to do well it is a great idea to focus on Facebook and target Burnley. Speak to our social media expert and get earning from Facebook.

11 July 2013

Burnley SEO Company Vs Blackburn SEO Company Vs Manchester SEO Company

Burnley Vs BlackBurn

SEO is SEO – Doesn’t matter where you go on this planet, the principles are the same. So “Why” do some Burnley companies venture out to other towns  looking for SEO companies in Blackburn or SEO Companies in Manchester requesting services like website design and Search engine optimisation when all of this can be found in the home town of the clarets.

Some may argue price. We compared Empire New Media Ltd prices with comparable web design companies in Manchester and we found we were 50% cheaper quoting like for like website features and design.  When comparing our services to a web design company in Blackburn we found they charged massive extras for making a website responsive (something Empire New Media Ltd do for all our sites free  (subject to availability on platform)) and charged high prices for themes. In conclusion to the price argument – there isn’t one that can justifying taking business out of Burnley but the is one for bringing it in.

Some may say they are more advanced in Manchester with it being a city. Empire New Media Ltd are well aware of any advancements in SEO, Website design, social media and all Ecommerce developments that come to light. We can also boast being 8 years ahead of all companies when it comes to Video commerce. With all our clients happily sat at the top of page one in sectors ranging from business, finance, leisure, travel, construction, home improvements, art, personal services, beauty, food and many more you will realise that Empire New Media Ltd has a vast bank of internet marketing knowledge  available here in Burnley.

When it comes to competing with companies outside of Burnley for Web design, SEO, Graphic design, Web development and Internet marketing you really dont need to look any further than Empire New Media Ltd.


11 July 2013

Free Website SEO Advice Burnley

Free Website SEO Advice Burnley

If you want free Website SEO advice in Burnley  then the best place to come is Empire New Media Ltd. From start to finish we will be there to help you understand how the internet works and how Website and SEO work.

In today’s digital age of internet business (Ecommerce) and online transactions it is easy to fear taking the plunge into cyberspace, especially with all the horror stories flying around about cheap web design company ripping small businesses off. With this amount of money to be made online it is not surprising that it has attracted the attention of money making companies that try and get unsuspecting internet newbies signed onto ridiculous 12 months contract that drain their profits with no sign of any return on investment.

Well Empire New Media Ltd works on a trust basis like no other internet marketing company or SEO company in Burnley. We don’t get you tied into a 12 months contract with us like other less successful companies. We work on a pay as you go service.  We believe that our success for our clients keeps them loyal to us. SO long as we deliver the goods our clients need not look else where.

Our website and marketing margins are so low it means our clients can experiment with ideas and expand their business ventures without losing sleep over cost. Empire New Media Ltd make speculation of the internet a thing of the past.  With our combined experience spanning 13 years of website design and  internet advertising we can assure any new web entrepreneur of the right path to take. We can also eliminate potential money pits which will suck up your marketing budgets and slow down your business growth.

How much does all this cost? Nothing – Our advice and knowledge comes free to any Burnley business. We only charge for practical work carried out by us.

Contact us on 01282 835000 for more information or an answer to any of your questions.


2 July 2013

SEO Company Burnley | Internet Marketing | Email Advertising

SEO Company Burnley

DO you get sick of SEO Company Emails offering to get you onto page one of Google. Well just so you don’t feel harassed or singled out you will be happy to know even  Google get cold-call emails out of the blue just like you. Here’s an email that they got recently:

“I was on your website www,google,com and wanted to shoot you a quick note. I think I can make a few changes (aesthetically and/or SEO – wise) to make your site convert more visitors into leads and to get it placed higher in the organic search results, for a few of the select terms.

This is NOT like one of those foreign emails you probably get in your inbox every day. Just to be upfront I have 3 agents that work with me for development /SEO.

I would just need to know which (if not both) services you’re open to checking out information about, either web design or SEO. Would you be open to seeing more brief info / quote for what I would like to accomplish?



The name has been removed to protect their stupidity. 🙂

So this person is offering help to convert Google visitors into leads. Or, you know, to improve Google’s rankings in organic search results. Sigh. What can I say ???? Confused!!

Earlier this week, they got a different email that said

“I would like to extend our knowledge to your audience in the form of a guest post [sic]. This post will be written by a college educated writer fluent in English.

To recap we will provide- – 100% original guest post with statical [sic] data and studies from professional writers.”

Here’s my rule of thumb: if someone sends you an email with an SEO offer out of the blue, be sceptical.

15 June 2013

Google Project Loon: Balloon-powered Internet

SEO company Burnley

Wondering how to market your products and services to the further reaches of the world? Well google have an answer.

Google has announced its latest project, Project Loon, balloon-powered Internet access for areas where connecting to regular Internet isn’t easy.

Launched by Google X, Google’s secret facility responsible for projects such as Google Glass, the new project aims to bring Internet via. balloons.

The idea behind Project Loon is to bring Internet to places facing ‘terrestrial challenges to Internet connectivity – jungles, archipelagos, mountains,” says Google’s official blog post.

In order to do so, Google have been looking at being able to access new angles.

In the blog post Google states, “It’s very early days, but we’ve built a system that uses balloons, carried by the wind at altitudes twice as high as commercial planes, to beam Internet access to the ground at speeds similar to today’s 3D networks or faster.”

Google ran a pilot trip last week in New Zealand with 50 testers trying to connect with special Internet antennas to the 30 balloons dotted across the sky.

All balloons communicate with each other, creating a network in the sky, that transmits down to a base local Internet provider – making sure to filter out any other signals that are not Loon.

“As a result we hope balloons could become an option for connecting rural, remote, and underserved areas, and for helping with communications after natural disasters.”

Project Loon was given its name because the idea of Google’s new project may appear crazy, but Google promise there is solid science behind it.