New Facebook search and the effects on Burnley Business Marketing

12 July 2013
Facebook Marketing

Not long ago everyone assumed that Bing would play a massive role in marketing on Facebook. Now you can how Facebook has tied itself more and more with Microsoft with its new search bar. You can say its subtle but the colour coordination of the tabs can and will remind you of windows 8.

Bings relationship with Facebook first came to light when you made a search for a friend.  Below the result there was a feed from Bings search engine results. Later Facebook dedicated a tab for “web results”.

This now has shown Google that Facebook intend to go head to head with the search giants. As a Burnley SEO Company we have been monitoring the progress of this and working on ways to improve our positions on Facebook results and that of the clients. If you want to do well it is a great idea to focus on Facebook and target Burnley. Speak to our social media expert and get earning from Facebook.