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The saying “Too many cooks spoil the broth” is very apt when looking at website development and online advertising. Website design and Internet marketing should go hand in hand because you will find if the “left hand knows what the right hand is doing”  your Ecommerce will be more effective.

Using Empire New Media Ltd in Burnley to deal with your Search engine optimisation (SEO), Website Design, Graphic Design and Social Media means you will have only one call to make saving you time and money.


[one-half-column last=true][section-link before_title=<h4> title=”Burnley Internet Marketing Company” after_title=</h4>]We are a Burnley web design company and because of our location we are able to keep our running cost low. We have found our Graphic Design Services (which include Logo Design and Branding), SEO Services and Web Design are much more cost effective than a cheap Web Design Manchester company. Manchester SEO companies and Manchester Website design companies have higher over heads then our Internet marketing company, savings which we pass onto our clients.  [/section-link][/one-half-column]


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