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OK – So you want to know about SEO and Improving your ranking on Google?


You are looking at this page because either we were recommended by one of our happy clients or you have searched on Google, Bing or Yahoo and found us under one of the search terms we are on page one, like, Website Design Burnley or even Graphic Design Burnley.

SEO short for Search Engine Optimisation is one of our fortes and we can provide you with the best solution to get more traffic to your website. We deal with all your Internet Marketing needs by providing you with the right tools for the right job. We save you from wasting your budgets on trialling ideas because we have over 10 years experience in SEO and website promotion.


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The role of an SEO specialist has changed over the years. At one time the work  a Search Engine Optimiser carried out was all about gaining a position on  page one of Google Yahoo and Bing (collectively known as SERPs). Today’s SEO’s  (Search engine optimisers) are more focused on improving your online business as well as your ranking or as we call it Web Development.


Why is Page one so important on Google?

In the physical world businesses do better if they are on a busy high street. Page one of Google is the digital high street and where a high percentage of people look for the information they want. This could be products or services

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Why choose Empire New Media Ltd as your Search Engine Optimisation Company?

Well its simple – a Website SEO Specialist will have no problems showing you his work which we will happily do and like we already mentioned we cover all searches surrounding our business in our town and we also appear in other locations where we generate business under terms like “SEO company Manchester” or “website design company Manchester”.  We practice what we preach and will offer you the best service around. Give us a call and ask anything you are unsure of – its FREE.