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What is social media marketing?

Social media is a great tool to share business information and improve customer retention and repeat business. As the leading Burnley SEO company Empire New Media Ltd are at the forefront of social media delivery and offer a wide range of packages by expert social media specialists.

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Social media is a platform based on the gathering of people for social purposes like gaming, video, music, chat and messaging. Groups of people are formed around like minded thoughts and topics and it is within these groups the opportunity lies to discuss products, services and ecommerce websites. The main platforms are Google+, Instagram, Pintrest, Linkedin Youtube, Twitter and the current daddy of them all with nearly half a billion members, Facebook.

What are the benefits of Social Media?

When it comes to raw data, demographics and target markets, Facebook has it all. It is a marketing companies dream come true. Hours and hours of surveys thrown out the window because everything you need to know is right there ripe for the picking. You only need to know where to look. Finding the right group or creating a topic gives you access to the best from of advertising in the world. Ask anyone who works in internet marketing and they will all agree on two things “the best form of advertising is word of mouth” and “you cannot beat a referral”.


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Each platform delivers you message in its own unique way either by displaying your actions in pictures or video or describing your actions in status uploads.[/section-link][/one-half-column]


With the help of Facebook marketing and a Custom Twitter page you can direct people to your chosen product or service. You can even make a term more popular by simply sparking interest with simple questions.  Competitions, News stories and Youtube Videos  are all great ways to deliver your message and if that message goes viral then you have a winner. If you don’t know what viral advertising is take a look at our Viral Marketing campaigns, or  Facebook video Advertising pages.