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Why use Empire New Media Ltd for Website Design?


Have you heard the saying “first impressions last”? Well they are absolutely right!! First impression “DO” last, which is why you need to make the right first impression on your potential customers! User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are the key to any new website. 

Your web design is going to be the first and maybe the last thing a potential customer is going to see, which is why you need to make sure that you leave a positive everlasting impression on them, in order for them to return. At Empire Media, we do exactly that for you, we build a bespoke design around your business. We believe that your webpage design should reflect and convey your message/ product to all your potential clients out there and STILL have a personal touch and feel about it.

There are far too many Internet Marketing Company out there that are creating pages that are just cluttered with many fancy gadgets and gizmos, making your site look untidy just so that they can ‘keep up with times’. We keep it simple which keep our company ahead of other Burnley Website Design companies.

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It may get confusing when it comes to decide what it is “you want” from a site and what it is “you really need”, sometimes too much or too little can cost you in the long run. Visiting a website designer in Manchester may cost your more than using a web designer in Burnley. In fact for the same quality result  that you get from any major web designers in Lancashire, Empire New Media’s team will create you a bespoke website design to your specification.

This is where our team of experienced consultants come in, using their wealth of experience and knowledge in online marketing techniques, they will guide you through the process of understanding and choosing the right solution for your business requirements. We market our website on Google under the terms “Website Design Burnley”. If you search Web Design Burnley or Graphic Design Burnley you will find our website listed at the top of Google.

Online page design is an important factor in converting business from traffic. The look and feel of the site and how visitor interact with your website can mean the difference between interest and sale. Search engine optimisation (SEO) and other forms of internet marketing can only bring the potential client to your website, but the look of your website will give the client the confidence to use your service.


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professional website design must be clear and concise, and should get your point across to your customers directly without being a hindrance to your customer.

Empire Media offer affordable designs at the highest level of quality without the expensive price tag hanging around its neck. Whether you want a simple brochure webpages, an ecommerce website or even a Content Manageable System (CMS), our team of professional website designers and graphic designers in Burnley will cater for your needs and recommend the perfect solution for you and your business. Combining these qualities and the fact that we are the number one on Google for SEO Company Burnley makes us your best choice for internet marketing



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