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What is “Point | Click | Purchase” Video-commerce?


Businesses spend millions each year on advertising and marketing videos all in the aid of one thing. “Creating desire”. They attach that desire to a brand or a logo hoping that the consumer will seek out and buy that item before desire fades away. The internet has decrease the time between view and buying an item considerably, but imagine for a moment if it could be completely eliminated.

Imagine watching a video and you see an item that you crave for and want to own. It could be  a dress, a pair of shoes or even a pair of sunglasses. If it was possible to purchase the item at this point, when you see the item and your desire to own it is at its highest peek, to both consumer and vendor would have the ultimate connection.  Welcome to Video-commerce.

Video-commerce is the use of video to sell products in a totally different way. Instead of the consumer watching video and then trying to search online to find the item they saw on video (with desire fading away), they merely point the mouse on the item they want in the video, click and purchase the item there and then without leaving the video.

You are probably thinking it possible, doe this technology exist? The answer is yes!

IVI is the developer of a unique post-production solution that allows consumers to interact with video advertising.  Tailored for the demands of the fashion industry, the IVI solution is dubbed “Point | Click | Purchase” and, as the name suggests, enables retailers and brands to embed detailed product information, catalogues, and a fully-featured shopping basket directly into their video advertising. In other words you can buy what you see.