Web Design Burnley

3 June 2013
Web Design Burnley

When you want a website you should consider what the website is for. Is it to show off your service, to promote your service or to offer it? You may be sat there looking at your screen thinking “whats the difference?”.

1) Promotion will explain a service you offer and focus on the merits of what you offer.

2) You are an established business that wants to show why you are the leading provider of you chosen service.

3) You are offering a service cheaper than anyone else.

Words are very important as they will be painting a picture of your business. Strategically place images need to coincide with your position in the market.

All of this is useless unless people see your website to interact with the content. Although it is an option we do insist that you purchase an initial SEO package for our SEO Company to help you get listed in Google.  it is what makes us one of the best web designers Burnley has to offer.