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Web Design Burnley – Cheap, Affordable and Effective

As a leading Burnley SEO company we are always pushing the need for good web design in Burnley businesses. Unfortunately most Web Design Companies in Burnley, Padiham, Nelson, Colne and Blackburn all seem to believe that great website design and cheap web design are two very separate things.

For us, Web Design is about creating solutions. We are directed by the aesthetics of our client’s existing brand and the objectives of the project. We’d like to say great design just happens alongside, and whilst this is partly true, we also care about making our products attractive.

We know beautiful websites are a pleasure to use, making your clients  more likely to talk about them and use them again. Through constant revision and improvement, our products continue to evolve, improve, and thrive. We actively anticipate how people will interact with our designs, applying responsive and adaptive design where necessary, but not for the sake of it. From its inception, we are conscious of how a design will be built. All our designers have a technical knowledge, which means we sustain a fantastic balance between the two disciplines; a mutual understanding between designers and developers; a harmony between the ‘why’ and ‘how’ people use the internet.

Website design will always be at the heart of what we do. However, with people accessing websites through an ever growing array of digital devices, we embrace developments within the field and the chance to re-evaluate and improve our services. After all, we want your customers, and potential customers, to stick by your brand as long as we do.

Although we have been labelled as one of the cheapest Web Design companies in Burnley and the best SEO company Burnley has to offer we would like to point out that our resulting work is never low quality or gives that impression. When compared to other companies found on Google under “Web design Burnley” “Graphic design Burnley“, “Web design Blackburn”, “Web design Nelson”  or “SEO Company Burnley” Empire New Media Ltd always comes out cheaper like for like and in some cases our websites offer more features.



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What is “New Media”?

Well simply put it is any delivery system of information that post dates TV, Radio and Newspapers. The most obvious one is the Internet via laptops and PC’s and more recently Mobile Phones. Delivery of content by way of the internet has grown to a point where it is now become one of the most popular advertising platforms as more and more people have gone online with faster broadband connections. Everything from booking holidays, ordering food or just chatting to your neighbour is possible on the internet.

Empire New Media Ltd was formed to help online businesses put all these new platforms to use and improve business exposure. We utilise all of the available resources that can be found online by the consumer and give you an advantage over your competitor whether it be to improve brand awareness or to gain a new client base Empire New Media Ltd will steer you in the right direction to build your own business empire.

Who is Empire New Media Ltd in Burnley

ENML setup in Burnley Lancashire, by a group of leading SEO consultants, PPC specialist, web designers and communication experts who specialise in organic Google search engine optimisation and online business marketing. Our online marketing company deals with the problem of internet advertising by offering various ideas from which you can choose the most cost effective solutions. In short, we are not just an SEO Company we are a one stop online media agency.
ENML offer business solutions to local companies in Burnley, but we have extended our service net to become known as a Manchester SEO company and provide anything from a simple online presence via Google Place (formally known as Google maps) to websites for you to showcase and offer your service. Empire New Media also provide various ecommerce platforms from which you can bring your products to the internet high street. The services we provide also extend to social media, email marketing and our latest delivery method GSM Marketing for mobiles.

Empire New Media Ltd can compete with any of the Manchester SEO companies when it comes to delivering affordable online advertising and because our overheads are lower than that of a company based in a city our rates can be more far more cost effective giving you a far better return on investment (ROI). We offer free analysis of your current marketing strategy and can provide information on how to increase exposure on the internet. Even if you are looking to upgrade your current site, we offer the best affordable Website Design around.

As an SEO company we maintain out own positions on page one of Google, Bing and Yahoo for our website. You can find us under SEO Company Burnley, Web design Burnley and Graphic design Burnley. We also have extended our reach to appear under SEO Company in Manchester, Website Marketing Burnley, Graphic Design Company Manchester and Website Design Company Manchester. We realised that many companies charge high prices to maintain their high priced city offices. We have low overheads and this helps us keep the prices low.