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The internet is constantly changing and like everyday computing  technology new advances are coming out everyday. What started as static websites now have increased interactivity with Web 2.0 which introduced Videos, Blogs and social networking websites to web users.

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The next step of personalisation and Semantics development is now being classed as Web 3.0.
Many companies who joined the web in the early days of the dot Com bubble have custom built websites and when it comes time to do a site upgrade they don’t explore all the options for Web development.

Empire Media’s original website (seen here) was great when we first launched it and it created our identity as a leading Burnley website design and SEO company. As time went by we had to showcase more of our abilities and we redesigned our website to what you are browsing on now. We kept our corporate colours and Logo and updated our features without any loss of traffic or identity.


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Website development



Empire New Media Ltd will sit and discuss your needs and requirements and bring your business website up to today’s standard. Our team of specialist will make sure  that when ever you need website upgrades the system we use will never be out of date.